"if you're not living on the edge you take up too much room"
hi i'm hannah :) roosterteeth, skyrim and game of thrones make me happy.

July 15th


when u beat a game with a sad ending image

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July 15th sexpansion:

Submarine (2010) Dir. Richard Ayoade
"I often imagine how people would react to my death"
July 15th


if you’re ever proud of me and say ‘that’s my girl’ I can guarantee my heart will melt into a little puddle of happiness 

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July 15th
July 15th 
Kit Harington for GQ Style Bible 
June 15th

i’m at a point in my life where happy couples make me feel sick

June 10th
June 6th


when u havent done ur homework but the teacher goes through the answers with the class


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May 26th
May 26th
May 23rd "What a fucking nerd"
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May 22nd "Don’t feel sad on someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them."
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